Sean Butler

"Simply put, working with Ryan is what finally cured my chronic low back pain. Not yoga. Not chiropractic. Not myofascial release or deep tissue massage. And not lots of random stretching and exercise. A ski injury and years of picking up babies had me resigned to the fact that I was just going to be in pain every day and that skiing was never going to be the same for me. But Ryan's approach, his commitment to his clients healing, and the way he empowered me to take matters into my own hands turned things around in less than a year. Did it hurt? Yes. Was it slow-going? Yes. Did I have to do a ton of work myself? Yes. But once I accepted all that and committed to it, the weeks flew by and one day I realized that I couldn't remember the last time my back hurt. What's more, Ryan isn't interested in becoming the next Instagram personal fitness star. He genuinely cares about healing the world one body at a time and wants to see his clients thrive. Thanks buddy, you changed my life....."