Ruth Wimberly

The arthritis in my ankle developed as a result of a bad sprain 40 years ago, and had progressed to the point that I needed crutches to move any distance, as the pain was too great. I saw a number of orthopedic specialists and had been advised that I would need to undergo surgery to obtain an ankle replacement. My primary care MD, Donna Foord, referred me to Ryan Egan. I am involved in many outdoor sports and love hiking. With the ankle arthritis, I had to stop hiking and had difficulty skiing. This was very depressing to me. The thought of being sedentary because of my ankle for the rest of my life was overwhelming. It’s been 2 years since I’ve been going to Ryan and thanks to his care I recently completed a hiking trip to Patagonia and hiked 8 miles a day!!! Ryan has shown me exercises to strengthen my ankle as well as get movement in the ankle joint. He also showed me a better way to walk and hike that doesn’t put irresponsible stress on the ankle. He’s also showed me how to care for all of my joints, so I can continue to hike, ski, and enjoy everything in the outdoors. Its exciting to think I can still improve, and I hope to hike 10 miles a day soon."