"When searching for your best performance you have to surround yourself with the best coaches - the ones who are willing to put in the detailed work to get you to where you want to go. As a world class age group (45-49) triathlete I wanted to be on TOP of the podium, not just on it. Ryan's methodology drilled into my bodies ability to function under load - not just where it did well, but where it failed. We then set about working on a plan to address mobility, stability, neurology, and prep for my best performance. After working through the kinks, working out the limitations, I got my TOP of the podium first place finish - I've never run so strong off the bike!!! Simply - I developed the most durable body possible under Ryans guidance - the work we did together was literally a game changer - Now, I can check World Champion title off the bucket list... check!"

2016 Ironman world Champion!