Times have changed...

And so has your gym. 


Mvmnt Gym will be NOW OFFERING a complete exclusive MEMBERSHIP to no more than 30 people. This will keep the facility clean, organized and focused. 

You can Finally have a safe, clean, and dedicated space just for you (..and 29 other rad people). 


*You can still drop in on a class, or sign up for a month, but the extra perks will stay on the shelf. 


The MVMNT MEMBERSHIP Provides a focused process, CLinics, online classes, facility access, and much more to give your body exactly what it needs for alL the fancy activities you love. 


Become one of the sturdy thirty, and JOIN A TIGHT KNIT COMMUNITY, and an EXCLUSIVE Gym built just for you!







*Satisfaction guaranteed - if unsatisfied after two weeks receive a complete refund. 

only 30 members max!



All training, and classes, will be broken up into 12 week blocks. Each twelve week block will focus on 1 upper body movement, 1 lower body movement, and the requisite joint mobility those movements require. 

Each 12 week block will be followed by a 1 week break to prepare for the next training block. 

All classes are designed around building towards the successful development of the chosen movement goals. 

Everything will be integrated into a seamless approach. 

The kinstretch classes live, and at home, provide the training to ensure joint function and capactiy. While the strength classes focus on movement execution and strength. Finally the conditioning classes blast the heart and challenge your capacity and cardiovascular system.

12 Week Training Blocks

Each 12 weeks will be organized harmoniously to target one upper & lower body movement, and the joint mobility those movements require. (ex. Squat & Pushup) The strength and conditioning classes will focus on the movement components, and conditioning. The kinstretch classes will focus on the joint mobility those movements require (hip, knees, ankles, wrists etc...)

12 week Progressions

Crawl, Walk, Run. Get guided step-by-step progressions to ensure safety and success. Having a reliable system to lift more weight, complete a pull up, or lunge without discomfort is a process of progression, and takes time.

Kinstretch Classes

Kinstretch Classes focus on joint function, capacity and strength. Joint movement dictates whole body movement. If the whole is greater than the sum of its parts, its vital to ensure each part is contributing fully!

Strength Classes

Strength Classes are designed to focus on the movement as a whole while integrating progression based strength work to ensure safety and success.

Conditioning Classes

Conditioning classes blast your heart rate while incorporating key accessory work to build the endurance that each movement needs to develop and be usable in everyday life.

12 Week Training Tracker

Eliminate the guesswork with a 12 week tracking system to organize, plan, and score your training. Know where and when your roadblocks pop up and smash through em.