Jaymes Hansen

"Being an action sports junkie I am constantly putting my body in harms way. Over the years my shoulder has obtained a weakness unlike any other part of my body. Over the past year it has consistently popped in and out of place. This injury kept me from enjoying the activities that bring me the most joy in life. There is not much more difficulty than not being able to perform at my highest ability, because of something as simple, yet vital as my shoulder constantly holding me back. Ryan was able to assess and isolate my exact areas of instability, and weakness that was keeping me from charging at the level I wanted. His targeted and specific training principles gave me much needed pain relief, and immediate improvement, but even more, a much-needed light in the dark tunnel of my injury. My plan is to be as rad as possible for as long as possible, and to continue to do so, joint mobility and longevity should be your highest priority. The MVMNT:GYM is the best place to achieve those goals." 

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