"So with my gimpy arm, tight hips and lower back pain, I entered MVMNT:GYM! Ryan immediately was warm and welcoming and was intensely present while I explained the current and past issues I had experienced. Walking in the door I was embarrassed and felt a bit wimpy and he immediately put those emotions to rest! This same experience happened every time I walked in the door to work on my body. The work we did was not only physical but mental. The immediate relief I felt from the exercises he provided for me to do on my own and from the specific and intentional work we did in the gym eased my pain, frustration and mental strain. Ryan’s process, attention to each minute detail of the “stuff” that makes your body move impressed me every time I saw him! With the combination of in person sessions and continued practice of the at home exercises, my skiing became easier as my hips moved more freely and the movement I have in my shoulder and arm are now better than before I even had the injury. I want to continue to lead an active and full life and Ryan has been able to help me continue to ski, kayak, dance, walk and ride my bike, which I expect to do for years to come! Having worked with Ryan I now have a new lease on and active life and have recommended numerous people to experience his technique! He is an all-around wonderful human with a heart to help people heal and enjoy life. I am so glad I was introduced to him and what he does."