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Adventure is calling you! To truly experience the joy of each adventure requires a resilient, strong, and mobile body thats able to withstand every ascent, descent, and demand. Fit 2 Adventure courses cover the key joints, movements, and strength requirements which are unique to each pursuit. Because the demands of each adventure sport are different, and highly specific, you're body needs the training to develop every joint, muscle, and movement for greater performance, decreased injury risk, and increased stoke. Each course covers everything you need to level up your game to ride harder, go farther, and move with greater skill, and precision. No more random "sport specific training", these courses deliver tissue and movement specific high quality attention to detail. Each course is built on time tested scientific principles that produce world champion results. These courses bulletproof every age, and skill level, from novice to elite, beginner to advanced! Because we adventure with the body we have, and not the one we want, we must upgrade our adventure meat suit to upgrade our adventure pursuits.


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