Bulletproof Body Courses


These courses cover two vital aspects to bulletproofing YOUR body to withstand the rigors of any challenge, adventure, or daily drudgery. You can choose from two vital training elements, Bulletproof Movment or Bulletproof Joints, both are designed to help you live with more joy and freedom inside your earthly meat suit.  Each course will guide you step by step to bulletproofing your squat, or bulletproofing your shoulder, and everything in between. Each course varies in length, training commitment, and goal. You're designed to feel better than you can ever imagine let any of our Bulletproof Body courses guide you there!

Bulletproof Joints

Bulletproof Joints delivers the specific training principles, drills and exercises to create progressive favorable adaptations to the joint of your choosing using Functional Range Conditioning.


These FRC joint mobility training priniciples are the direct application of the world renown Functional Anatomy Sytems created by Dr. Andreo Spina. Having usable ranges of motion at the end range of the joint is the bedrock to your health, well being, and performance.


Simply doing exercises that involve the specific joints you need stronger does not create a better joint, because you can only use what you already have to do what you can already do. 


Bulletproof Joints uses FRC training principles to create new levels of capability by helping you CREATE & CONTROL ranges of motion that you don't have.


If you want to rebuild whats been lost, or do new exciting things you've always wanted... you'll need the joint control to do it, and to do it well. 

Bulletproof Movement

Bulletproof Movement delivers the specific training path to improving each of the 11 key foundational human movements. These 11 movements are the basic precursor movements from which all other movements grow. An overwhelming majority of adults, and increasing numbers of kids, have lost, or have become completely incompetent, to the basic movements a person needs to navigate the demanding and rapid vicissitudes of life. This loss of genomic movement basics,  their subsequent adaptive mechanisms in regards to the utilitarian demands of life is leaving entire generations of peoples with a tidal wave of orthopedic dysfunction, pain, and increasingly growing lists of "I can't do that anymore" amongst a junkyard of "I used to coulds".


Bulletproof Movement Guides you strategically in (re)building your God given movement blueprint for an increased ability to live well, and confidently, amongst the growing demand and threats thwarted upon our bodies from the post modern technological convenience culture. 


Simply put, practicing poor quality movement does not magically create high quality movement. One must have a high quality movement practice to create high quality movement abilities.


Bulletproof Movement shows you the way to moving by your true human design.


Learn to build your 12 foundational human movements. Your life depends on it.