Ryan Egan

Ryan is a licensed joint and movement specialist holding licenses with National Strength and Conditioning Association (NSCA-CPT). A certified Joint Mobility Specialist (FRC,FRA) with Functional Anatomy Systems. A certified movement specialist with Functional Movement Systems (FMS) and a certified kettlebell instructor with the RKC (CK-FMS).

I started MVMNT GYM for two reasons. Get myself out of pain, and to help others find a path to a pain free life, where stewarding a body well is the ultimate tool to fulfill our God given responsibilities, honor our God given gifts, and to pursue every God given dream and desire with increasing physical confidence. By Faith I pursued the idea that the body can heal, and we can continue to do the things we love with increasing skill, and that a high action healthy body was attainable. I was also confused, and saddened by the sharp rise of injury rates in exercisers. I believe you should never get injured while training to get better, and find it silly people go to see a physical therapist to get exercises to heal their exercise injury.

Even after 6 major surgeries, three broken collarbones, two broken wrists, a broken back, cracked pelvis, broken femur, dislocated left knee (torn ACL/PCL/MCL), torn right ACL, two blown ankles, a broken foot, a dislocated shoulder, and many broken ribs. Not to mention a bout with testicular cancer, and more concussions that I can chicken. I knew by Gods Grace, and the power of Jesus, I could be better than ever, and if not ever, better than I have been. I believe we have the power to choose who God has gifted us to become. That developing physical discipline and competency can lead to a deeper relationship with GOD, family, and service to others. And of course make it much easier to learn really cool things, like backflips. 

Now, as a blessed husband to a beautiful wife, and an enamored father of 3 beautiful kids I see my most athletic days are those ahead of me, not behind me. And I will not sit on the couch sulking in my “I cant do that anymore” while my kids go onto adventure on their own, because I am too broken to do anything else other than tell them the “I used to could” stories from the couch, with a beer in hand. I want to show them, lead them. I want to experience more life with them… together! So I need a body that’s reliable, resilient, and ready to charge into life with them. Teach them everything I know, help them navigate the mistakes I made, and see them reach higher in their life than I could ever have hoped to in mine. 

My prayer is that each course brings you new and full life. A life filled with big adventures, deep relationships, and profound physical wisdom!


Ryan -  Husband, Father, Son, Broken, Bought, Redeemed, Rebuilt. 

Courses by this teacher

Name Level Release Date
Fit 2 Run 05/27/2019
Captain Capsule - Internal Rotation 06/21/2019
Daily CARs Routine 08/29/2019
Kinstretch Online Class #1 - Hip 09/25/2019
Kinstretch Online Class #2 - Shoulders & Shoulder Blades 09/25/2019
Kinstretch The Essentials 03/31/2020
Kinstretch Online Class #3 - Ankle 04/07/2020
Monty Waugh 04/15/2020
Madi Schoening 04/27/2020
Chris Neu 05/14/2020
Kinstretch Online Class #4 - Knee 05/24/2020
Moses Odubajo 05/24/2020
Anastasia Harden-Cole 05/28/2020
Kathy Chambers 06/10/2020
Becky Hermsmeyer 06/12/2020
Scott Porter 06/21/2020
Jeanette Marcotte 06/26/2020
Captain "Dash" Kamp 06/28/2020
Kinstretch Online Class #5 - Spine 07/19/2020
Kinstretch Online Class #6 - Shoulder Capsule 07/31/2020
Adam Hall 08/06/2020