ALI loraine

"As a Doctor of Physical Therapy I was attracted to the clean simplicity of his gym space. We met and chatted about training philosophies about the human body. It just so happened that during this time I was struggling with my left shoulder. I had pain at night that woke me up off and on for months before, and despite doing a few shoulder exercises it was getting worse. I noticed real restrictions in my range of motion, like my shoulder blade and shoulder joint were tightening up. I was beginning to panic about “frozen shoulder” syndrome, and how I knew that most literature in physical therapy reports that we (physical therapists) don’t have much luck with this sort of diagnosis. To top it off, I was scheduled to teach a workshop to a bunch of bellydancers on double veil techniques in about 6 wks time! This was an opportunity I had dreamed about and asked for and could not conceive of letting go because my shoulder didn’t move, and it hurt. After all, I’m a Physical Therapist, it doesn’t look good to have physical limitations when you’re supposed to be an expert on such things. My ego, self-image and pride were rearing their ugly heads. We started meeting once weekly and I noticed improvement right away (even though I didn’t do my exercises every day like he asked). Ryan guided me through very effective techniques that pinpointed the painful tissues involved and challenged me to focus. It was uncomfortable and he was so picky about certain important details – I could never have made myself do it without his encouragement and keen observation skills. But my progress encouraged me, too, it was less painful and I could practice my double veil dancing without much discomfort, though it was still pretty tight. About a week before my workshop while practicing I suddenly felt my shoulder just let go and loosen up. I had nearly full range again! Halleluiah! I taught a successful workshop and performed on stage without feeling limitation or pain."