MVMNT GYM is a sacred and protected space unlike any other. A fully equipped post modern take on the gyms of old, where movement quality, and physical discipline are top priority. From the turf, and rollout gymnastics mat, to the stall bars, and monkey bars hanging above, mvmnt gym has everything for superior physical training for every human at every stage of life development. Each piece of equipment has been specially designed and specifically placed to support the progression based step-by-step training system used to change your life. 

The Three Pillars to MVMNT GYM’s training approach

Pillar #1 – Joint Control

The quality of movements are only as good as the quality of their components. MVMNT GYM prioritizes joint control and it’s usable range of motion above everything else. Joint function will make or break you! Limitations at the joint not only reduce movement quality, but 99% of injuries are joint related. These training principles utilize Functional Anatomy Systems created by Dr. Andreo Spina. Functional Anatomy Systems focuses on developing usable ranges of motion and maximizing total body control. 

Pillar #2 – Movement Creation

MVMNT GYM training systems uses movement principles from the Functional Movement Systems created by Dr. Gray Cook. The FMS standardizes the 10 essential human movements, which are the building blocks to every movement task and activity you pursue. We must first walk before we can run, and movement re-education is critical to the framework of skill development. We learned to move in a sequenced order, so we must re-learn in the same way. When movement capabilities have been pruned from the brain, and forgone in the body, restoring their expression is paramount to life.

Pillar #3 – Skill Challenge

MVMNT GYM helps you challenge your body in a successful and strategic way by providing the training specificity to the essential human skills that life requires and develop the physical prerequisites to the activities YOU pursue. Greater skills, require greater prerequisites, and the more your training develops those attributes the more successful you can be! 

Move better! Do anything!